H.M. Queen Silivas Foundation CATCH becomes Main Partner to Child10 in the fight to end trafficking and sexual exploitation of children


H.M. Queen Silvia’s foundation – Care About the Children has decided to support Child10’s work on trafficking of children in Europe and around the Mediterranean. Tens of thousands of children who have been forced to flee towards Europe in recent years have been or are at high risk of being trafficked and exploited. Child10 works to identify and support grassroots organizations that provide support and protection to children on the run and reduce the risk of various forms of exploitation.

Many of the children who have been forced to flee to Europe live in inhumane conditions, without safe access to water or food and without the possibility of care. Thousands of children live in homelessness and are subjected to abuse, violence and exploitation. Horrendous living conditions and the lack of protection cause many children to disappear and threatened or tricked into exploitation and human trafficking. In recent months, the situation of refugee children has deteriorated further as more and more people become trapped along borders. Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the imposed travel restrictions and measures related to social distancing, the ability of aid organizations to support children in migration have further weakened.

– Children on the run are in terrible danger, including in refugee camps and along the migration routes. Children are at great risk of disappearing and being subjected to human trafficking and exploitation. It is crucial that organizations that protect and provide support to children have better conditions for running their business, and that is why I am very pleased that my foundation is working with Child10 in their important work, says H.M. Queen Silvia.

The collaboration will begin in the spring of 2020 and Queen Silvia’s foundation will become the main partner of Child10. The support will strengthen grassroots organizations in Turkey, Greece and Spain who are dedicated to protecting children on the run from trafficking and exploitation. In addition, Queen Silvia’s foundation will support Child10’s work by participating in the organization’s expert advisory and selection committees and help identify new organizations to be included in the Child10 Awarded Member Network.

– For many children who are on the run, local grassroots organizations are the only ones who can provide them with necessary protection against traffickers. This is why we are so grateful to have Queen Silvia’s foundation as Child10’s main partner. The Queen, with her long and strong commitment to children who are subjected to human trafficking and exploitation, is a global role model for child rights defenders. Through the support of Queen Silva’s foundation we will be able to strengthen the protection of thousands of children who are at risk of being trafficked and exploited, says Jacob Flärdh, Secretary General of Child10.

H.M. Queen Silvia has also supported Child10’s work in the past and was present at Child10’s first Award Ceremony in 2014.

About Child10
Each year, Child10 selects ten grassroots organizations from around the world who, for their courageous and tireless commitment to prevent child trafficking and exploitation, are rewarded with organizational and financial support. Representatives from the organizations are invited to participate in a summit and workshops during the year to develop joint actions and cross-border collaborations. Child10 also engages in advocacy and knowledge-enhancing activities based on the work of the selected organizations.

For more information on Child10, visit Child10.org

From the left: Susanne Carlzon Managing Director CATCH, Olof Stenhammar Chairman of the Board CATCH, H.M. Queen Silivia, Sara Damber Chairwoman of the Board Child10, Jacob Flärdh Secretary General Child10. Photo: Child10