Honorary Chairwoman

The Honorary Chairwoman was H.M. Queen Silvia.


The Board lead the Foundation’s work and decided which projects to support.


The Queen together with the Foundation’s Board. From the left Jan Lindman (co-opted) Caroline Cederlöf, Olof Stenhammar, Carl-Gustaf Piehl, Mats Dellham, Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke Photo:


Styrelseordförande:Olof Stenhammar
Ledamöter:Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke
Mats Dellham
Carl Gustaf Piehl
Caroline Cederlöf
Adjungerad:Therese von Blixen-Finecke, verksamhetschef
Revisor:Evy Jakobsson, auktoriserad revisor

Managing Director

The Managing Director reported to the board, identified potential projects and brought in applications from non-profit organisations. She managed the advisory board and was responsible for follow-up of projects and other communication for the Foundation, as well as handling the Foundation’s daily work. Since May 2021, Thérèse von Blixen-Finecke is the Foundation’s Managing Director. Prior to her, it was lead by Susanne Carlzon.

Thérèse Blixen

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board assessed project applications working from the Foundation’s purpose and left their recommendations to the Board on which projects to prioritise.

Tove Kjellander

Consultant in child rights issues

Tove studied political science and development studies at Uppsala University, at the University of Exeter, England and at Universidad de Valle de México. She has worked both in Sweden and internationally with childrens’ rights since 2006, amongst other things as responsible for the project ”” (Listen Now), a collaboration between Bris, Childhood, ECPAT Save the Children, Plan Sweden, SOS Children’s Villages, Unicef and the government agency Ombudsman for Children, initiatied by HM the Queen. Tove has also been the Chairwoman of ”Nätverket för barnkonventionen” (Network for the convention on the rights of the child). As a consultant in her own company Vinkelrätt, Tove today works with education, facilitation and project managemnet for organisations, government agencies and companies that wishes to strenghten their work for children’s rights. She is a member of the Board for ECPAT Sweden and member of the Advisory Board for World Childhood Foundation.

Lovisa Kim

Social worker och licensed psychotherapist

Lovisa works for equal health with a focus on offering children and young people who need it easily accessible support and treatment. She is the operations manager for the 1825 Therapy Center for Young Adults and has many years of experience in treatment for young people from her own psychotherapy clinic and treatment institutions for young people. Previously, she was an investigator at the Swedish Agency for Family Law and Parental Support and worked to gather, develop and disseminate knowledge about children’s rights and the need for professionals in the areas of parental support and international adoptions. She has also worked with the supervision of adoption mediation activities in Sweden and in the countries of origin. Lovisa is a sociologist and leg. psychotherapist

Wanjiku Kaime Atterhög

Lector and researcher at the Mid University, founder and Managing Director of the House of Plenty Foundation

Wanjiku has over 20 years of experience developing and steering research- and educaitonprograms for vulnerable children and their caretakers, for amongst others Sida and the UN. Since 1997, ashe has done research and activities for rehabilitation and reintegration of exposed and sexually abused street children through her own initiative House of Plenty. Her method has become a model for a Sida International Training program and is being used across the world. Wanjiku is the Head of operations for House of Plenty Foundation and was earlier the Swedish coordinator for the EU-financed project DESIrE, which addressed trafficking in humans for sexual exploitation in four european countries. She holds a double Master in Sociology from Nairobi University in Kenya and in People’s Health from Mahidol University in Thailand. She also holds a Doctors Degree in global health from Uppsala Universitet.

Emilia Molin

CEO for BE WTR and founder of War Child Sweden

During four years and as General Secretary, Emilia built the international aid organizations War Child’s Sweden branch. War Child works with psychosocial suport, shelter and education for refugee children and children in war zones. During her time at War Child, Emilia sat in the international management team, where she amongst other things focused on orgizational culture and to strenghten the genus perspective in the organisation’s program. Today, Emilia is part of War Child Sweden’s board. She is also CEO for a water initiative – BE WTR, which operates from the UN goals and which is combatting bottled water and environmental degradation. Emilia is on the board of Carlsson Publishing and “Kompisbyrån”. She is a graduate from Berghs School of Communication and is a certified Italian language teacher. She is further a certified Business Coach and has over 20 years of experience in communication and marketing, amongst others for clients sucha as Friends and the Swedish Cancer Society.