About the Foundation

Children have always held a special place in the Queen’s heart. For several decades the Queen has been committed to safeguard the rights of children; work which has awarded her global recognition and respect within the field.

Founded in 2013, the Foundation Care About the Children was gifted to the Queen for her 70th birthday as an additional means through which to support the most vulnerable children in the society. The initiative was made by a committee lead by Olof Stenhammar and made possible by the many generous donations given by private donors as well as a handful of organisations and companies. Amongst these were the Swedish Postcode Lottery, SEB, Svenska Handelsbanken, IKEA and Dafgårds.

Over the 10 years, 80 projects received support from Care About the Children. These projects fell within five thematic categories; Psychosocial Support, Education, Recreation and Health, Sexual Exploatation of Children and Children’s Rights with a special focus on refugee children and online vulnerabilities.

The Foundation supported projects in Sweden as well as internationally. Internationally, projects have been implemented in Latvia, Syria, Mozambique, Ghana, Senegal, Colombia, Jordan, Myanmar, Nicaragua and India to name but a few.

It was decided from the beginning that the Foundation would only exist for ten years, thus it is one of the rare Royal Foundations that ceased to exist, and it shut down on 31 December, 2023.

Based on the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child strive towards a world where all children get their basic rights fulfilled, the right to an education and the right of growing up in a safe and stable environment.

Our Mission
Through specific projects provide the world’s most vulnerable children with a good education, healthcare and concern, as well as the possibility to feel happy and secure during their childhood.



The Foundation does no longer accept applications, as it terminated its operations on 31 December 2023.

The Application Procedure was as followed

  1. The Foundation allowed select organisations to apply for project support, following the Foundation’s application template.
  2. An Advisory Board assessed the applications and gave its recommendations to the Board.
  3. The Board took a decision twice yearly (preliminary March and September) on which projects to support, based on the recommendations of teh Advisory Boards and the Managing Director.
  4. All contact went through the Foundation’s Managing Director.

Applying organizations had to fill the following critera:

  • Well established non-profit organisation
  • Been active for two years with audited financial statements
  • Have a sound financial base
  • Politically independent

Project ideas that could have been granted support:

  • Should give direct support to vulnerable children in their development, increased safety and improved health.
  • Have well defined purpose and expected results.
  • Should have a long term effect, meaning that the postitive effects should continue after the end of the project.
  • Project support is granted for one year, with the possibility to re-apply again after one year.

The Foundation is no longer accepting applications, as it terminated its operations on 31 December. 2023.