Questions & Answers

Which types of projects does H.M. Queen Silvia’s Foundation give support to?

– Projects which give direct support to children and young people (0-18 yeas) in Sweden and the rest of the world. The projects should aim to support the children in their development, give them an increased safety and improved health. This means that the Foundation does not grant support to research or other indirect project ideas. Read more about the criteria for organisations and projects here ”About the Foundation”.


Can I apply for a grant from the Foundation?

– The Foundation appoint which projects to support during the 10 years the Foundation is supposed to operate. The Foundation is supposed to cease to exist on 31 December 2023. Consequently, no application procedures or templates are to be found on the website. If you have a project idea which you think could be interesting for the Foundatin and which is in line with the purpose of this Foundation, then please send us an email to . Read more about our working methods under”About the Foundation”.


Who decides which projects get support?

– The Foundation’s board, with H.M. Queen Silvia as Honorary chairwoman, decides which projects get support. Read more about how the projects are chosen, evaluated and decided upon at “About the Foundation”.


Where can I read more about the Royal Foundations?

– Read more about the Royal Foundations here:


Where can I find press photos of Queen Silvia?

– Press photos and information about how they may be used is available at