Care About the Children held a network meeting to encourage collaboration between organisations working towards the same goal.

On the fourth of May, Care About the Children organized an informal network meeting for 22 of the organisations that receive, or have previously received, financial support for their work with children and young people’s mental health. The 22 organisations that were invited work in different ways to counteract mental illness in children and young people both in Sweden and internationally.  
The meeting intended to promote collaborations between the organisations and highlight the different methods and approaches they use to achieve a better mental health in children and young people. The organisations shared their successes, challenges, gave tips to each other and formed new ties to ger a wider reach in their common target groups.  
In addition to the financial support provided by Care About the Children, this is an important way the foundation contributes to the organisations receiving support from the foundation. As a neutral partner, it shares its network of contacts to build bridges and foster collaboration between organizations so that, together, they can achieve their results faster and stronger.