Real Stars Stockholm

Realstars Stockholm works for Fair Sex and the vision a better world free from sex trafficking. The association is a subsidiary organization of RealStars Sweden. RealStars stands for the fact that all people are stars, equally valuable and that everyone has the right to freedom. Our zero vision is that no one should be subjected to sexual exploitation.

Through RealStar’s work for Fair Sex – sex on equal terms for all people – we can talk about the society we want to achieve that is free from sexual exploitation and human trafficking. In our new school project Why “sex” can’t be bought we touch on issues related to sex purchase, sugar dating, sexism, sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

Society needs to deal with the fact that children and young people are exposed to sexual pressure and see pornography online with elements of violence and humiliation. The boundaries of what is okay and not are moving and must be challenged in an age where sexuality is commercialized. Exploitation of children and young people for sexual and commercial purposes has increased – for example sugar dating sites which are a cosmetic form of prostitution.

This project builds on experiences from RealStars Sweden´s previous projects financed by “Allmänna Arvsfonden”, which successfully engaged young people in Fair Sex issues and its opposites such as sexual harassment and prostitution. At the same time, we create a safe and respectful school environment.

“Meeting engaged students who want to be involved and take a stand is the biggest key in creating energy and to give space for students and teachers to meet in what trafficking is and what it depends on and how we as a society and individual can be involved and influenced. This is where it starts, this is where we can make a difference, when those words run through the classrooms then we know that change is possible.”

The support from HM Queen Silvia’s Foundation aims to make a difference for a world free from sexual exploitation. The project: Why “sex” cannot be bought – are creating room for dialogue aimed at young people, mainly in upper secondary school level, regarding attitudes and norms linked to sex purchase and sexual exploitation. The goal is to reduce the demand through changing attitudes and thereby reduce the risk of young men growing up to be perpetrators or being victimized themselves, as well as to prevent girls, who are the most vulnerable, from being subjected to sexual exploitation.

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