MusikBojen works to ensure that children and young people in Sweden have access to music therapy. Many children need support to be able to process social, physical and mental difficulties. Music therapy is an artistic, resource-strengthening form of therapy, which offers opportunities for communication and social collaboration and can be conducted both individually and in groups. Research shows that music affects the brain, heart rate, stress levels, immune system, well-being and our ability to work together.

The founder of MusikBojen, Claire Rosvall, was the initiator and secretary general of the foundation “Min Stora Dag” (My Big Day), where she during three years funded a project that showed the positive effects of music therapy. In 2017, she decided to start a new foundation under the name MusikBojen (the Music Buoy).

As of 2018, the Foundation MusikBojen has financed music therapy for children and young people in Sweden who are suffering of severe traumas caused by mental illness, life-threatening diseases or tragical social circumstances.

The Foundation MusikBojen offers music therapy sessions to children and young people who are patients at children’s hospitals all over the the country, homes för minors who cannot live with their parents, special clinics dedicated to psychiatric patients, others for disabled children, shelters for mothers and children victims of domestic violence and for children whose parents are in prison.

The co-founders of the foundation is a group of people who all support the My Big Day Foundation founder’s Claire Rosvall’s initiative. These are Claire’s husband Per, Britt Gustafsson professor at Karolinska Institute (K.I.), pediatrician; Ingrid Hagberg-van’t Hooft, Med.dr. K.I. and neuropsychologist; Martin Sandberg (Max Martin), music producer, songwriter; Peder Hammarskiöld, lawyer, also co-founder My Big Day; Christina Piehl, former board member at My Big Day; Lena Evrell, project manager music therapy project at My Big Day.

Music in all its forms is of great importance in our lives. Music is a language that suits many children and young people and music can also serve as a form of therapy. Music therapy is an internationally recognized research-based treatment, offering opportunities for both communication and social collaboration.

Music therapy can be conducted both individually and in groups. Research shows that music affects the brain, our heart rate, stress levels, immune system, well-being and our ability to collaborate.

Music therapy is a professional treatment with an international network in terms of education, practice and research.

The MusikBojens Expert Group identifies which children will get access to music therapy and activities through MusikBojen. The expert group is led by Lena Uggla, the Royal College of Music, music therapist, GIM therapist and PHD from KI, with many years of experience working with children and music.

The expert group consists of Ingrid Hagberg-van’t Hooft, PHD K.I. and neuropsychologist, Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital, Jörgen Hellström, leg physician and specialist in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Martina Barnsjuhus, Sören Oscarsson, music therapist, and supervisor, Susann Johnsen, social worker, at The Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital (curator), Rut Wallius (music therapist and supervisor) and dr. Bo Haglund, Professor Emeritus Social Medicine, K.I.

Through the support from HM Queen Silivia’s Foundation, MusikBojen was able to start a pilot project during the autumn of 2020, to introduce music therapy to Skåne University Hospital Lund and Malmö.

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