Knas Hemma

Knas Hemma is a national youth organisation for and with youths and young adults in community care. They train their volunteers, who are between 18 and 30 years old, to be ambassadors. All ambassadors have their own experience of living in foster care, emergency homes, HVB homes and / or SiS institutions. Knas Hemma’s ambassadors are carrying the voices of the children who are currently placed in foster care.

Knas Hemma’s target group is teenagers and young adults between the ages of 13 and 30, who all have their own experience of living in foster care. They work to change society by influencing, educating and disseminating knowledge about children and young people with experience from foster care. Strengthened by getting involved in Knas Hemma, they work to make young adults grow and to inspire other children and young people in Sweden in a positive way. It is about engaging children and young people by listening to how they themselves identify problems, suggest solutions and thereafter, act on them. 

The project supported by CATCH, “Mer kärlek & Mindre knas” (More love and less mess) will create safe meeting places nationally for children and young adults in foster care and through these develop and provide the youths with tools for self-empowerment. They also plan to arrange national meeting places for children and young people from all over Sweden. The purpose of the meeting places is to allow the target group to meet others with similar experiences, take part in different activities that promote self-love, meet experts in different fields and then end with creative workshops where the youths create self-empowering materials based on their own experiences.

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