Dara Institute

The project “psychological and educational recreation for children” promotes socio-economically vulnerable children’s psychological, nutritional and physical development through a tested and proven method in which the whole family is involved.


The project psychological and educational recreation for children is implemented through three steps: identification, diagnosis, and treatment or referrals. Psychologists and trained volunteers meet the children from socio-economically vulnerable families and carry out playful activities that allow the children to share their living conditions and emotional situation in a natural way so the psychologists can identify signs of vulnerabilities that require attentive care. In addition to this, the organisation provides a multidisciplinary team that gives information about the nutritional, pedagogical, legal, and social assistance aspects.  

These children will be followed by a multidisciplinary team at Dara’s headquarters and, when needed, will be referred to psychological clinics near their homes with close monitoring and family support. Besides promoting a positive mental health in children assisted, and always protecting families and ensuring their confidentiality, the lessons learned are shared into our platforms. The multisectoral approach Dara uses has earned them the title of best NGO in Latin America. 

The grant from Care About the Children will be used to expand the program to even more families to meet the increased demand for psychological support due to the covid pandemic. 

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