The Child10 Award, which CATCH is the main sponsor for, was launched on the 25th of Februari to ten organisations from Europe for their work againt trafficking and sexual exploitation of children

During the award cermony on the 25th of February, Child10 presented the 10 awarded member organizations from Europe who have been awarded for their work against trafficking and commercial sexual exploatation of children. The ceremony was attended by H.M. Queen Silvia who also gave a speech to pay tribute to the organizations and their work.

Traffickers are fast to use digital tools and social media to recruit and attract children to exploitation and as a global society we need to quickly and jointly increase our efforts to make the internet a safe place for children to connect, learn and be curious about. The work you do as Child10 Awarded Members is very important, and we can all be inspired by your strong commitment to protecting children. I am proud that my foundation has been given the opportunity to support the work of Child10 and the ten exceptional, selected organizations here today. Congratulations on your dedicated and impactful work to combat trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children throughout Europe and congratulations on becoming Child10 Awarded Members, I look forward to closely following your work.  – H.M. Queen Silvia 

See the whole speach here: Drottningen talade vid Child10 Award 2022   

As part of the program, the ten award-winning organizations will work together to identify best practices to raise awareness of the problem and to develop and advocate sustainable and effective solutions at national, regional and international levels. 

The internet is empowering in many ways, but has it has also opened up new ways for perpetrators to contact and exploit children. Because of this, Child10 has chosen to place their focus for 2022 on how companies, organizations and authorities can work together to protect children who are vulnreble online.

To aid the sucsess of the program, Her Majesty the Queen Silvia’s Foundation, “Care About the Children” has granted the organizations 100,000 SEK.

To read more about the organizations that participated see: