Seminar on Children’s Mental Health from a Global Perspective with WarChild, UNICEF and the SIGHT-network

On June 1, the International Children’s Day, the SIGHT Networks for Global Child Health and Mental Health teamed up with H.M. Queen Silvia’s Foundation to address the issue of children and youths mental health alongside about 30 stakeholders.

Karolinska Institutet, War Child Sweden, UNICEF Sverige and the UNICEF Innovation office presented their latest work and findings.

Given that the latest reports from UNICEF show that suicide is the second cause of death for children and youth aged 10-19 in Europe and the fourth cause of death globally for the same age group, this issue is so very important to children in Sweden and globally.  Only by collaborating actively can we turn around this trend.



About SIGHT:

The purpose of the Swedish Networks for Global Health is bringing together actors from different sectors to address common areas of work. For example academia, government agencies, civil society and the private sector. All with a common interest to increase the impact of Swedish action in global health within different areas.

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Lyssna, vi har något att säga!
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