H.M. Queen Silvia’s Foundation grants Unicef and War Child support for their work for Ukrainian children

The war that has raged in Ukraine in the recent weeks has shaken Europe and the world. A total of 1.5 million civilians have been forced to flee their homes, and the UN highlights the war as the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. In all wars, children are the worst affected; the psychological injuries of this war will follow the Ukrainian children for life.

The Queen Silvia’s Foundation has decided to give two initial grants to two organisations operating in the border areas to, and locally in Ukraine, which in various ways contribute to the safety and standard of living of the children fleeing or remaining in Ukraine. The support will help to facilitate the children’s immediate situation as well as and in the future.

Unicef ​​is granted an unearmarked donation of SEK 500,000, which will be doubled thanks to a grant from the Akelius Foundation.

War Child is granted a donation of SEK 500,000, which will  contribute to the emergency response, focused on psychological first aid for affected children and their caregivers. 

For more information about War Child see: https://www.warchild.se/hm-drottning-silvias-stiftelse-stottar-war-childs-arbete-for-ukrainas-barn/  

For more information about UNICEF’s work in Ukraine see: https://blog.unicef.se/2022/02/17/en-halv-miljon-barn-redan-drabbade-av-konflikten-i-ukraina/  

For more information about the cooperation between akelius foundation and UNICEF see:  https://unicef.se/fragor/hur-gor-jag-for-att-fa-min-gava-matchad-av-akelius-foundation