Ukrainian Aid – Children in Need

In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and started a war. The invasion forced millions of women and children to flee their homes to the neighbouring countries. Many of them also fled to Sweden.

Care About the Children decided in March to give emergency aid to the aid organisation Ukrainian Aid – Children in Need, which cooperates with the Polish company Polferries. Polferries has, since the start of the war, offered Ukrainian refugees’ free voyage to Scandinavia on their ferries. The company’s efforts have been directed at vulnerable Ukrainian women with children and unaccompanied minors.   

The donation from Care About the Children enables, among other things, the transportation of the families on buses to the ferries, meals on board the buses and cabin-packages filled with food and other necessities to help them during their journey to Sweden. 

Once they arrive to Sweden, the organisation collaborates with local authorities, churches and other civil society organisations to help the families find save sheltering and/or homes in Sweden. 

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