Futebol dá Força

Futebol dá força is an international foundation that through soccer strengthens girls’ rights and opportunities. In Mozambique, they run a national soccer tournament that serves as an educational platform and support structure for girls between the ages of 8-16, with soccer training and games, and with workshops that strengthen girls’ self-esteem, leadership, health and rights both on and off the soccer field.

Futebol Força, FDF, is an independent international foundation founded in Mozambique in 2012 by the 19-year-old Swedish soccer coach and social entrepreneur Cecilia Safaee. Futebol Força means “Football/Soccer gives strength”, which is also the foundation’s goal; to strengthen girls’ rights and opportunities to shape their own future through soccer. FDF works to make the soccer coach a catalyst for girls’ equal rights and opportunities on all soccer pitches around the world, and thereby influence the development of society also outside the soccer arena. Since the start in Mozambique in 2012, FDF has developed and expanded to other countries. In 2013, the organisation initiated its operation in Sweden, where they work within the association network to promote girls’ mental health, so that girls are included in the soccer association regardless of background and financial conditions. Today, soccer coaches are trained both on site and digitally in 27 countries on all continents. Futebol Força’s network of thousands of soccer coaches strengthens more than 20,000 girls every week. 
H.M. Queen Silvia’s Foundation provides support to FDF’s activities in Mozambique, where they run a national soccer league and training platform: the Mutola Cup. The Mutola Cup is a national soccer tournament played throughout Mozambique that simultaneously acts as an educational platform to strengthen girls’ self-esteem, rights and opportunities to develop as individuals. In addition, it promotes their physical and mental health, sexual and reproductive health and rights and work to change norms and attitudes in girls’ family members and other key people in the local communities. 

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